Alternative dispute resolution (also known as ADR) is a way of resolving marital disputes without resorting to litigation.

With the experience acquired from decades of representing clients in divorce proceedings, Attorney Amy Wanger started Divorce Strategies, LLC with the belief that many, if not most issues that arise are best resolved in a rational pragmatic process. Over the last thirty years, Amy has represented numerous clients, and served as a conciliator, mediation, and Guardian Ad Litem. Amy has completed family law mediation training, and uses her experience as a family law practitioner to assist parties in crafting a fair and reasonable settlement, tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

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As a trained and experienced neutral third party, Attorney Wanger takes steps to end your marriage in an amicable and cost effective manner.


Attorney Amy Wanger considers each side’s view, actively suggests settlement positions, and can provide feedback on likely outcomes.

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